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  1. Cartoon spectacled dog on laptop

    The race to claim the title of the ‘UK’s Most Average Dog Breed’ was hotly contested. Which dog breed has the least amount of issues specifically related to its breed? Many fell at the first hurdle. Labradors and German shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia, amongst a range of other issues; Jack Russel terriers are genetically vulnerable to lens luxation; dalmatians often develop kidney or bladder stones; and let’s just not mention the brachycephalic dogs… So, who will rise up and take the trophy?

  2. French bulldog puppies

    French bulldogs are notorious for having difficulties during whelping, so veterinary help is often required. When such assistance is called in, you usually feel like you can relax knowing your pet and her offspring are in the best of care. When the vet presents you with four tiny pups following a successful caesarean section, you don’t think to question if there were any more. Maybe you should…

  3. Winding a retractable dog lead round hand

    I have not been a fan of retractable dog leads since I was young and suffered friction burns when walking a family member’s dogs on such leads. Granted, I was young, and foolish to think that grabbing a thin wire lead to try and stop a dog running at full pelt was a good idea, but there are many things that can go devastatingly wrong when using retractable dog leads.