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  1. Winding a retractable dog lead round hand

    I have not been a fan of retractable dog leads since I was young and suffered friction burns when walking a family member’s dogs on such leads. Granted, I was young, and foolish to think that grabbing a thin wire lead to try and stop a dog running at full pelt was a good idea, but there are many things that can go devastatingly wrong when using retractable dog leads.

  2. Dog meeting cattle

    Unless your dog is training to work around livestock and/or horses, the best advice is to keep them well apart. Animals can be unpredictable, no matter how well trained or how well you think you know them and, especially where horses are involved, it’s nearly always your dog that will come off worse. However, there are times when bringing the mix of species together is unavoidable, particularly if you live on a farm or need your dogs to accompany you when at the stables. Let’s look at what you need to consider before you even step out with your dog.