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  1. Red Kite

    I was walking with the dogs across the farm a few days ago when I stopped to watch a red kite soaring above the two small ponds near the top of our land. I began to ponder how I, perhaps, take these majestic birds for granted; they are seen quite commonly in our part of the world but I am regularly surprised that people living just in other parts of Britain are not even able to recognise a red kite in flight, often mistaking them for a buzzard. I was reminded, not for the first time, how lucky I am to live the life that I do, but this encounter inspired me to collate a few facts for you regarding this remarkable bird of prey that we so nearly lost not even a century ago.

  2. Glen of Imaal Terrier

    So you should already know that the African elephant, the giant panda and the polar bear are considered ‘vulnerable’ by the World Wildlife Fund, but did you know that there are numerous native breeds of dog from the British Isles that are also judged as vulnerable by the Kennel Club. Here we look at the twelve breeds that are seen as most at risk.