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  1. Street Dog Abroad

    It can't have escaped many people's notice that more and more dogs are being rescued from abroad and brought to the UK, but is this doing more harm than good? Why the increase though? Is it because it's cheaper, people are seeing dogs on their holidays, social media has brought more of these dogs to people's attention, or is it because it's simply easier than rescuing from within the UK? If this is the case, is it really a good thing, or should we be asking more questions and looking at what exactly we're bring onto our shores?

  2. Price per Meal Comparison Chart

    It is safe to say that, on average, people underestimate how long a bag of dog food will last and overestimate how much it costs to feed their dog each meal. Also, people tend to compare the price of a range of feeds or brands based purely on the final price, sometimes not even on the price per kg, never mind the price per meal. What many people forget to factor into their equations is that whilst a higher quality food may come with a higher price tag, it is also likely that you will need to feed less of the food to your dog as the nutrient level is far higher. Therefore, the bag lasts longer and the price per meal comes down. Here I'll talk you through TP Feeds' range of recipes and how the prices break down.

  3. Grain Free Duck Kibble

    What do you look at first when considering dog food? The brand, the packaging design, the ingredients or the figure representing the protein percentage? If you feel that the protein level is an important figure, what percentage are you looking for as the 'ideal'? Do you believe that a high protein percentage can cause hyperactivity or even kidney damage? Read on to learn more and see how some 'facts' are actually unfounded myths.