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  1. Labrador, Cira, and puppy, Cosmo, on the lawn

    Back in 2012, my Labrador, Cira, had her first litter. Unfortunately, she suffered trauma in the womb, causing six of her seven puppies to be stillborn. She became a mother to a single puppy, Cosmo, and we both had a lot of learning to do. A single puppy doesn’t have the support, nor the competition, of his littermates, meaning there are actions you must take to ensure you raise a well-rounded, healthy puppy.

  2. Eira with TP Feeds' recycling box

    Recycling and protecting our environment are slowly becoming more a part of our daily lives, whether consciously or subconsciously. Most of us now separate our household rubbish into black and blue bags, glass boxes and garden waste without a second thought. Well, I have decided to take a very conscious step with TP Feeds. You can now recycle all the packaging that contains your dogs'/cats' food and treats by playing your part in this new recycling scheme. Read on to learn more...