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Genius Idea To Ease Firework Anxiety In Dogs

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If you have a pet that is fearful of fireworks and the standard tips and advice just don’t cut it, maybe you could try this idea.

You’ve probably heard of the Thundershirt? It works by applying gentle pressure across the dog’s torso, almost like a ‘hug’, to help calm their anxiety and fear. Did you know that you can easily recreate this technique yourself?

Wrap diagram instructions for dogs

I created the diagram above to show you how to do this. Using a long piece of breathable, stretchy fabric, or simply a wide scarf, follow these directions:

  • Place the centre of the fabric at your dog’s chest, bring the ends up behind the head and cross it over at the top of the shoulders.
  • Pass the fabric under the belly and again cross over before bringing back to the top, tying a secure knot on the back in front of the hind legs.
  • You must ensure that this knot does not sit on the spine; tie it to one side.
  • The fabric should be comfortably snug, but not so tight as to restrict any movement.

Obviously, this should only be used under supervision and removed when the fireworks have ended and you all head to bed.


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