TP Feeds' Environmental Promise To You

The majority of TP Feeds' treats are now provided in reusable and recyclable tubs. Also perfect for popping in your pocket on a walk.

All the fish used to produce TP Feeds' Whitefish Bites and Redfish Crunchers are wild-caught in the Atlantic Ocean.

As well as sourcing many of the ingredients for TP Feeds' recipes from the UK, TP Feeds supports local businesses, UK events and charities.

TP Feeds' Main Manufacturer Was Carefully Chosen For Their Commitment To The Environment Too

  • They recycle and reuse all water on-site.
  • 15,000 trees were planted by them in 2016-17 alone.
  • Numerous bird and bat boxes have been introduced on-site.
  • 98% of all waste generated on-site is recycled by their own recycling plant.
  • They have improved the area surrounding the plant and created wetland areas to increase biodiversity, ecology and wildlife.
  • The plant is set on approx 500 hectares which is used to farm crops for the production line, using waste from the site as a natural fertiliser.