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Freshtrusion vs Cold Pressed

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"Do you do cold pressed kibble?" This is a question I am being asked more and more lately, but it doesn't actually come with a straightforward answer...

Okay, so the short answer is "no". However, the process used to create TP Feeds' kibbles is arguably better. Let's explore why.

Meat Meal v Freshly Prepared Meat
Whereas all but one of my kibble recipes are produced using freshly prepared meats, most cold pressed kibbles use only meat meals. Freshly prepared meat in and of itself is far easier to digest than dried meat and is far more palatable (tastier!) to your dogs.

What They Don't Tell You About Cold Pressed Kibble...
In order for the meat meal/dried meat to be included in the kibble, it has to be heated to high temperatures prior to inclusion in the cold pressed process to ensure that it is microbiologically safe...

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Our Unique Freshtrusion Process
The process begins by gently cooking the fresh meat at less than 70C in the meat kitchen to protect the proteins, ensure maximum digestibility and nutrient bio-availability. This is followed by a short spell at 82C as a pasteurisation step. Any dry ingredients in the recipe are ground down before being add to the freshly prepared meat and then slowly heated to 90C.

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