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  1. Puppy playing in leaves

    If you want to protect the joints of your young pups, or your older dog that is starting to show his age, do you know what you should be on the lookout for? Nowadays, a lot of people seem to know that glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate are two of the key supplements to take note of, but do you know what MSM stands for, or why it is so important? Well, read on to learn more...

  2. Dog at the Vets

    A potentially controversial guest blog from a self-declared 'rebel' retired veterinary surgeon who, in both his professional and his personal life, has never been afraid to speak the truth as he sees it - even if it meant losing 'sales', whether that be through unnecessary drugs or operations. It's what brought the clients coming back through the door and earned him the reputation of being the vet who says it as it is!

  3. Litter of Labrador Puppies

    Have you heard the term ‘swimmer pup’ before? Or perhaps you’ve been unlucky enough to have one or more in a litter that you’ve bred. What decision did you make regarding that little pup’s future? Are you aware that many pups with swimmer puppy syndrome can actually be successfully rehabilitated with a little time and patience?

  4. Pair of Mallard

    Duck is a fabulous meat (I mean, who doesn't love duck pancakes with hoisin sauce...?) and when it comes to our dog's nutritional requirements, duck really comes up trumps. As with our vast array of human foods, some are better for us than others, and the same can just as easily be said about the feed available for our dogs. As far as the range of meat protein sources are concerned, duck is amongst the best available meats in terms of its biological and nutritional value for dogs.