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Swimmer Puppy Syndrome - It's Not The End Of The Road

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Litter of Labrador Puppies

Have you heard the term ‘swimmer pup’ before? Or perhaps you’ve been unlucky enough to have one or more in a litter that you’ve bred. What decision did you make regarding that little pup’s future? Are you aware that many pups with swimmer puppy syndrome can actually be successfully rehabilitated with a little time and patience?

To learn all about what Swimmer Puppy Syndrome is, why it happens and, most importantly, what you can do to give your puppy the best chance at a normal, healthy life, simply click here for the definitive guide.


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  1. Diane

    Hi have a swimmer pup she's walking about now but she's not walking on the paws properly she seems to walk on her heels

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  2. TP Feeds

    Good morning Sue, I have sent you an email regarding your query. Please check your spam folder in case you can't see it in your inbox. Regards,

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  3. Sue

    How long should I leave my puppies back legs taped due to swimmer puppy syndrome? He is 8 weeks old, and I just found out what is wrong with him. He can only walk or run while they are taped. I'm not sure if I should leave the legs with tape on them more than a day or two, or more. Thank you so much.

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  4. TP Feeds

    Alexis Freeman, I have emailed you. Please check your junk email if you can't see it. Thanks.

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  5. Alexis Freeman

    I have a 3 day old pup. That I named Lucky. I believe he has swimmer pup syndrome. Will this really work on him and when should I start working with him. Since he is only 3 days old. But you can tell he has it. Plz help me. Thank you.

    Posted on

  6. R. Hollis

    dignblog has a post about bowl shaped puppy beds that may help with this issue.

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  7. R. Hollis

    dignbog is the location to read about bowl shape beds for puppies.

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  8. R. Hollis

    Read a post on Dognblog about this type of issue, Folks are experimenting with bowl shaped beds lined for traction. This appears to help.

    Posted on

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