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Duck for Dogs - A Wonder Meat

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Pair of Mallard

Duck is a fabulous meat (I mean, who doesn't love duck pancakes with hoisin sauce...?) and when it comes to our dog's nutritional requirements, duck really comes up trumps. As with our vast array of human foods, some are better for us than others, and the same can just as easily be said about the feed available for our dogs. As far as the range of meat protein sources are concerned, duck is amongst the best available meats in terms of its biological and nutritional value for dogs.

"...easy to digest..."

Duck meat is fantastically easy to digest and is crammed full of amino acids which help to support muscle strength. This succulent meat is also a rich source of iron which combines with copper and protein to form haemoglobin, the molecule that carries oxygen in the blood.

Other goodness to be found in this wonderful meat (in no particular order):
vitamin B6 (brain development, immune system support and cardiovascular support),
vitamin B12 (cell growth and nervous system support),
omega 3 (skin health, kidney function and reduces joint pain),
omega 6 (brain and muscle development, nervous system support and coat health),
vitamin A (liver, kidney and lung support),
zinc (brain and skeletal development, as well as visual support),
potassium (muscle function and nervous system support),
magnesium (bone growth and production of protein),
phosphorus (works with calcium to promote skeletal growth),
copper (helps form bone and connective tissue and aids in the absorption of iron),
thiamine (vitamin B1) (nervous system support and cell growth),
riboflavin (vitamin B2) (cell growth as well as skin and coat health),
niacin (vitamin B3) (nervous system support and skin health),
selenium (produces anti-oxidants),
and the list really does go on!

Since this meat is so full of flavour, a kibble produced using high levels of duck will be extremely palatable, making it an irresistible meal-time favourite, even for the fussiest of eaters.

"...especially useful for those dogs with allergies..."

Duck is also considered as an ‘alternative meat protein source’ so is especially useful for those dogs with allergies to the more common meats, such as chicken or beef. If you come to suspect, or your vet has confirmed, that your dog is suffering from a form of allergic reaction that cannot be attributed to an immediate cause such as a sting or bite, one of the most common aspects of your dog’s life to look at, is their diet. Unless it appears to be an unusual allergic reaction, your dog is insured and/or you have enough money/intrigue to spend on narrowing down the exact cause of the allergy, one of the simplest, and often quickest, ways to ease your dog’s discomfort is to change its diet. Swapping to an alternative meat protein source and removing common allergens such as wheat, wheat gluten, dairy and soya can often do the trick and can usually lead to a happier, contented dog and a less stressed owner.

Of course, here at TP Feeds, there is just such an alternative available for you and your dog: TP Feeds Grain Free Duck. Not forgetting that all the duck in this recipe is UK sourced – win, win!

TP Feeds Grain Free Duck


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