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Should You Share Your Bed With Your Dog?

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Dog on bed

If your partner or family members disapprove of your desire to allow the household pet to sleep in your room at night, then I might just be able to provide some ammunition for your argument. However, there is one condition…

For many people, having their dog with them whilst they sleep calms them, allowing for a deeper, more restful sleep. There’s also a certain degree of security (depending on your dog’s breed and temperament, of course!) felt by having their dog close by at night. Especially as these cooler nights start to draw in, it can be even more appealing to allow your canine pal to share your bed – and their heat!

A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, “The Effect of Dogs on Human Sleep in the Home Sleep Environment”, analysed the sleeping patterns of 40 healthy adults and their dogs over a period of five months.

Dog yawning on bed

They found that those adults that allowed their dog to share their sleeping environment benefitted from a deeper, more restful sleep.

However, those that allowed their dog to actually share their bed with them, did not sleep as soundly and sacrificed good quality sleep through the night.

So, by all means, bring your dog into the bedroom and make up a spot especially for him, but if you value the quality of your sleep, don’t let him join you under the covers!


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