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Cookie's Story: TP Feeds Review

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Cookie, the French bulldog

Gaining positive reviews from wonderful customers is massively important to small businesses; let me tell you the story behind this particular testimonial.

“We have a female French bulldog and have tried many foods/kibbles. Cookie now has the Grain Free 80:60:20 and will not eat anything else (yes, we ran out and bought Royal Canin breed specific). She wasn't a fan. Then, when we restocked with the 80:60:20 and mixed the kibble together in her bowl, she only ate this and left all the Royal Canin stuff. The treats are also of the highest quality too.

Try it, your pet will love it and look at the ingredients to know how good it is for them.”

Cookie is only eighteen months old but already has a story to tell. Her lovely owners rescued her from becoming a brood bitch on a puppy farm - her only purpose in life to be producing indiscriminate amount of puppies.

Her treatment as an impressionable puppy is unknown but she doesn't like to be left alone and she gets scared if voices are raised. Despite this, she is an incredibly friendly, loving dog.

TP Feeds Grain Free 80:60:20 kibble

I know this as I am lucky that she is one of my more local customers so I deliver her dog food personally and get to have cuddles (whilst she tries to undo my shoe laces!).

Her owners thought they had made the right choice in feeding a 'breed-specific' well-known brand. However, Cookie developed skin issues, was losing fur and had to be tempted with fresh meat to even eat the kibble in her bowl.

Luckily for her, her owners found me and she now completely thrives on TP Feeds Grain Free 80:60:20 Salmon, Trout, Haddock & Herring. She is the perfect weight - a defined waist with ribs able to be felt but not visible - and she has such a beautiful, glossy coat.

She's also very partial to TP Feeds Freshly Prepared Poultry Bites!


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