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Category: Canine Nutrition

  1. TP Feeds Hypoallergenic Puppy

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    Labrador in the grass

    Starting your puppy off on the right track nutritionally is extremely important. This is a time of massive change for them both physically and psychologically. He/She requires a food that will support and promote this development by providing the correct balance of nutrients in a diet comprised of high quality ingredients. This is exactly what TP Feeds Hypoallergenic Puppy provides.

  2. Protein Levels in Dog Food - Can I Feed Too Much?

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    Grain Free Duck Kibble

    What do you look at first when considering dog food? The brand, the packaging design, the ingredients or the figure representing the protein percentage? If you feel that the protein level is an important figure, what percentage are you looking for as the 'ideal'? Do you believe that a high protein percentage can cause hyperactivity or even kidney damage? Read on to learn more and see how some 'facts' are actually unfounded myths.

  3. Protein Levels in Dog Food - Comparing Wet and Dry Food

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    Husky Eating TP Feeds Grain Free Duck

    The protein levels in dog food can often be a contentious subject. Some people have a strong opinion of what they deem to be 'appropriate', some have been informed of a specific number to look out for and others don't even take it into account when choosing their dogs' food. So, who is right? In this series of blog posts, I will show you various aspects of protein that you may not have considered. Today we are comparing the protein percentages of wet and dry dog food.

  4. The Big 3 in Joint Support

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    Puppy playing in leaves

    If you want to protect the joints of your young pups, or your older dog that is starting to show his age, do you know what you should be on the lookout for? Nowadays, a lot of people seem to know that glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate are two of the key supplements to take note of, but do you know what MSM stands for, or why it is so important? Well, read on to learn more...

  5. Duck for Dogs - A Wonder Meat

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    Pair of Mallard

    Duck is a fabulous meat (I mean, who doesn't love duck pancakes with hoisin sauce...?) and when it comes to our dog's nutritional requirements, duck really comes up trumps. As with our vast array of human foods, some are better for us than others, and the same can just as easily be said about the feed available for our dogs. As far as the range of meat protein sources are concerned, duck is amongst the best available meats in terms of its biological and nutritional value for dogs.