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  1. Are Oranges And Cranberries Good For Dogs?

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    One thing that always puzzles me is when potential customers at the various events I attend express surprise, and even contempt, when they see that TP Feeds' recipes contain real, understandable ingredients. It's a sad state of affairs when people think it is 'crazy' or 'OTT' to be feeding our dogs with fresh and simple ingredients, rather than vague 'derivatives' and recipes dominated by cereals.

  2. Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? Another Old Wives' Tale, Say The Scientists.

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    Dog in long grass

    There are a couple of commonly-held beliefs in relation to the question of why dogs eat grass. Some people believe that they do it because they have an upset stomach and that the grass will help encourage them to be sick, whilst others are sure that they eat grass to make up for a nutritional deficiency in their diet. But are either of these suggestions correct?