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  1. TP Feeds Has Gone Green - Recycling Scheme

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    Eira with TP Feeds' recycling box

    Recycling and protecting our environment are slowly becoming more a part of our daily lives, whether consciously or subconsciously. Most of us now separate our household rubbish into black and blue bags, glass boxes and garden waste without a second thought. Well, I have decided to take a very conscious step with TP Feeds. You can now recycle all the packaging that contains your dogs'/cats' food and treats by playing your part in this new recycling scheme. Read on to learn more...

  2. Dog Bites: Warning Signs & How To Recognise Them

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    A dog growling as a warning signal

    Have you ever been bitten by a dog? How did you react? Most importantly, what did you do just before the dog attacked? Do you blame the dog entirely, or do you realise that the circumstances, and perhaps your own actions, had a part to play? Now, of course, there are instances where a dog is simply aggressive and prone to attack. However, more and more often, dogs are being torn away from their homes, abandoned by their families and labelled as ‘aggressive’ because they have reacted after being put in circumstances beyond their control. A pioneering study looking at ‘real time’ attacks provides some interesting reading.