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TP Feeds Has Gone Green - Recycling Scheme

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Eira with TP Feeds' recycling box

Recycling and protecting our environment are slowly becoming more a part of our daily lives, whether consciously or subconsciously. Most of us now separate our household rubbish into black and blue bags, glass boxes and garden waste without a second thought. Well, I have decided to take a very conscious step with TP Feeds. You can now recycle all the packaging that contains your dogs'/cats' food and treats by playing your part in this new recycling scheme. Read on to learn more...

Why Can't I Recycle TP Feeds' Packaging With My Household Waste?
The key to keeping your dog and cat’s food fresh from the manufacturer, to TP Feeds’ warehouse and right to your door, is the packaging – as well as the quality of the raw materials, but we’re not here to discuss how brilliant the recipes are! One of the best ways to do this is to use packaging that is made up of layers that create an effective barrier against moisture, air and bacteria. Unfortunately, the composition of these materials is such that they can not be recycled by a mainstream recycling plant, such as that run by your local council. Compostable packaging is an alternative, however in my experience, the quality of this packaging does not tend to compare favourably with the standard foil packaging.

Recycling Scheme Box

What Does This Recycling Scheme Do That My Local Council Does Not?
The company I use is highly-awarded and globally-recognised. They specialise in difficult-to-recycle waste items, such as baby food packaging, cigarette butts and most importantly, from our point of view, pet food packaging. Each material is separated from the original packaging and then recycled appropriately. For example, the paper will be recycled into new paper products, or composted if impossible to recycle; plastics are separated, melted down and formed into pellets, these can then be moulded into a wide range of new products; metals are separated and melted down into ingots which are used to create new products.

Returned waste will never be sent to landfill or incinerated.

So, Why Can’t My Local Council Recycle This Packaging Then?
In short, sadly it is simply cheaper to send waste to landfill or to be incinerated so the councils are not incentivised to put the appropriate facilities in place. This scheme costs TP Feeds to implement, but I believe it is worth it. Not only are we working together to stop more items unnecessarily heading to landfill or incinerators, we are also saving the huge environmental impact of extracting more of the raw materials that would be needed to make the items that these recycled materials go on to make.

Eira looking at recycling box

I’m In! How Can I Get Involved?
It’s simple! Once your dog or cat has enjoyed all of their latest offering from TP Feeds, simply send the empty pouch or bag back to me here at TP HQ. No need to use more energy or water by cleaning the bags, just ensure that they are completely empty. You are welcome to send back small parcels after every order or, if you prefer, send back a bulk amount every few months – whatever suits you best. A great idea is to use the original plastic outer packaging that your order arrived in to send back your empty packaging – more recycling in action! The relevant address can be found on all the packaging.


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