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Proudly Sponsoring The Yellow Dog Campaign

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Sponsor of Yellow Dog UK

As a rapidly-growing business, I frequently get asked by people to sponsor various events and causes, however Yellow Dog UK was one cause that I opted to support without prompting. Let me tell you what they're all about.

What is the Yellow Dog Project?
It's a very simple premise - if you have a dog that needs a little space from other dogs and/or humans, simply attach a yellow ribbon to his/her lead or put a yellow bandana or vest on him/her to easily show others that you'd prefer not to be approached. This registered charity created the scheme and aims to promote awareness of the simple concept so that more dogs can enjoy their walks without fear of unwanted attention.

Why Might A Dog Need Space?
There are lots of reasons an owner might not want their dog to be approached, it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything sinister. In fact, the Yellow Dog UK charity specifically states that their scheme is not intended to warn of aggressive dogs – these dogs should be muzzled in public, they state.

Reasons that a dog might not want to be approached:

  • They may be recuperating from surgery or illness.
  • They may have an injury.
  • They may be older and have poorer eyesight/hearing.
  • They may be a female dog in season.
  • They may be nervous.
  • They may have had a bad experience with another dog.
  • They may be in training and not want distractions.
  • They may be a rescue dog that is still settling in with their new family.
  • Or, on the other hand, it may well be the owner that is fearful of other dogs.

If you feel that you or your dog would benefit from this scheme, the Yellow Dog UK charity sell specific ribbons, vests and bandanas via their website, and all proceeds are used to promote and raise awareness of the Yellow Dog Campaign. Alternatively, add a note to your order, and I can pop a ribbon in with your next bag of dog food.


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