How Much Raw Should I Feed My Dog?

A perfectly sensible question. Let's discuss the answer below.

Adult Dog Raw Feeding Guide

As simple as can be - so long as you know your dog's weight.

Feed 2-3% of your dog's weight in raw food daily.

For example, if your dog is 20kg.
20 x 2% = 0.4
20 x 3% = 0.6
Therefore, you would feed between 400g and 600g to your dog per day. I would advise starting with 500g (2.5%) and then adjusting accordingly if necessary.

If you don't know your dog's weight, you can take him/her to your veterinary surgery to be weighed for free. If this is not possible for any reason, you will need to estimate their weight and then adjust the amount fed over time, if necessary.

TP Feeds British Beef 80:10:10 in bowls

Puppy Raw Feeding Guide

There are two methods for your pups.
If you are able to regularly monitor their weight, use the guide below. If you are not able to do so, simply feed 2-3% of their estimated adult weight per day.

For very young or small breed pups, I would advise TP Feeds English Chicken 80:10:10 and English Chicken Complete as they are minced to a smoother consistency than the rest of the range. Alternatively, TP Feeds British Beef 80:10:10 and British Beef Complete - the former contains bonemeal rather than bone pieces and the latter is free of bones.

Age of Pup

% of Current Weight to Feed per Day

8 - 10 Weeks

8 - 10%

10 - 16 Weeks

7 - 8%

16 - 20 Weeks

6 - 7%

5 - 9 Months

4 - 6%

9 - 15 Months

3 - 4%

15+ Months

2 - 3%

As with all feeding guides, please apply common sense whilst considering your pet's age, sex, breed and exercise level.

Whether you are feeding from TP Feeds' Complete or 80:10:10 range, there is no need to add anything to your dog's diet, although many choose to supplement with oily fish, such as Sprats, and chews, such as Beef Bully Chews.

Provide variety for your dog with discounted bundles; Low Fat Raw Bundle, Complete Raw Bundle and 80:10:10 Raw Bundle.

Pups trying to open TP Feeds English Chicken 80:10:10