Puppy Nutrition

Whether you're bringing a new puppy home soon and want to be have the best nutrition lined up ready or you have a young dog that needs a better diet, TP Feeds has got you covered.

British bulldog puppy

Bundle Up

Whether you intend to feed your pup on kibble or wish to follow a raw diet, TP Feeds has done the hard work for you by putting together these fantastic selection packs - at a discounted price too!

Convenient Kibble

The finest choice of nutrition comes in the form of TP Feeds' range of All Life Stages kibbles.

TP Feeds All Life Stages Grain Free Grass Fed Angus Beef is packed with 65% beef (including 35% freshly prepared beef).

TP Feeds All Life Stages Grain Free British Free Range Chicken boasts 65% chicken (including 35% freshly prepared chicken).

TP Feeds All Life Stages Grain Free Grass Fed Angus Beef 12kg
TP Feeds English Chicken 80.10.10

Remarkable Raw

If you're looking for the best of British raw dog food to get your pup started in life, then look no further. TP Feeds has an incredible range including 80:10:10 mixes and Complete minces that add in vegetables and botanicals.

For smaller pups, the English Chicken 80:10:10 and Complete have a smoother texture.

Tasty Treats

Whether you need to keep those sharp puppy teeth distracted from your slippers or find the most tempting bites for training sessions, you'll find everything you need in TP Feeds' extensive range of naturally healthy dog treats.

The Mini Mix is a great place to start - let your pup choose his/her favourites!

Cheesy Chops Sausage Bites