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What Are Additives In Dog Food?

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The word ‘additives’ may sound like an undesirable addition to your dog’s food, however they serve many purposes. Additives provide key nutrients to pet food, such as vitamins and minerals; the trick is to use the right ones – natural additives.

TP Feeds recipes contain NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

These do exactly what you might expect – preserve the kibble to extend the shelf life by protecting against bacteria and mould, and slowing down the natural breakdown of nutrients. Microbes are destroyed during the manufacturing process and the low moisture content of dry dog food inhibits bacterial growth. Natural antioxidants are used as effective preservatives within TP Feeds dog and cat food.

These prevent the breakdown of fats within your dog’s food by protecting against oxidation (reacting with oxygen in the air) and turning rancid. Natural antioxidants used in my kibbles include Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Colouring Agents
Some brands use colourants to enhance the appearance of their food – purely for the benefit of the owner.

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Some manufacturers use artificial flavourings to enhance their recipes so that your pets will eat their products. TP Feeds relies on natural ingredients to provide the flavour, with high levels of meat providing tasty kibbles that your pets simply can’t resist.

Emulsifiers and Stabilisers
Used in canned, wet or moist food to prevent the water and fat from separating and creating the gravy and ‘jelly’, usually in the form of various gums and lecithin.

Gut Flora Stabilisers
Commonly known as ‘probiotics’, these support the digestive system and boost natural gut flora. You will find ‘prebiotics’ in the form of MOS and FOS which provide ‘food’ for the gut flora within my recipes.


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