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Puppy Training: Sit

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Puppies Sitting

Just as with teaching recall, training a puppy to sit is very straightforward when you keep it simple and fun. Simply link it into your everyday routine and your puppy won't even realise that he's learning.

When you feed your puppy, hold the bowl out whilst standing straight (so your puppy can't jump up and knock the bowl from your hands!), and calmly state your chosen command for sit. Clearly, your puppy is unlikely to sit straight away as they won't understand what you are asking of them - patience is key. Your puppy is likely to bounce around getting impatient for their food but he/she will eventually sit, even if just for a second by chance. As soon as your puppy's bum hits the floor, put their food down and allow him/her to eat whilst praising.

Scout the Labrador puppy sitting

Repeat this process every mealtime and your puppy will very quickly understand that he won't get his food until he is sitting down. He will also start to associate your command for sitting with the required action. As he gets older and more confident, you can make him sit for longer before giving him his food, and you can encourage him to stay sitting as you slowly lower his bowl. Eventually he will be able to sit with his bowl next to him until you give a separate command to allow him to eat, if you so wish.

This same technique can be implemented in many ways if you use your puppy's natural enthusiasm for wanting to do something. For example, encouraging her to sit before opening her kennel/your back door before going for a walk, or before giving her favourite toy to her when she wants to play.

Once the command is learnt, you can then start asking your puppy to sit on command at random times with no obvious incentive for the puppy other than praise - or a treat if you have chosen to train with treats. This is the point where you know the command is ingrained and it's important that you don't allow it to be ignored.

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