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Indestructible Dog Beds. Do They Exist??

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Dog Bed Destroyer aka Labrador

So, I'm afraid this is a less of an informative piece, and more of a rant/cry for help, but hopefully we can pool together our collective wisdom and come up with some useful information. I can't be the only one pondering this question, surely?!

Well, I'd like to think that I own some fairly well behaved dogs - admittedly, everyone gets the occasional reprobate and I never know how someone else's dog that is just in for training might behave - but, on the whole, they're a well-mannered bunch. So, can someone please explain to me, why oh why they seem to have such an aversion to beds?? I feel like I've tried pretty much everything - within reason. You know the bog-standard plastic tub beds that you're supposed to line with nice, soft bedding? I have the base of one of those somewhere, because one dog (or possibly, successive dogs) chewed the sides down to the ground... Blankets either get brought out of their boxes into the rain (why??) or chewed into pieces. Plush bedding is, of course, a favourite - who knew how much stuffing actually fitted in one of those?! I had an English springer spaniel arrive for training once, accompanied by a so-called 'indestructible' bed. It was obliterated during the first night. I've tried vet bedding although, admittedly, it may have been 'knock-off' vet bedding because the one thing that shocked me was just how much dust-type stuff came off it.

A helpful kneeling mat!

The image above is all my dog beds are currently useful for - kneeling on whilst I paint a wooden door!

I would love for my pack to have lovely, cushioned beds to retreat to inbetween walks/training and overnight but they'd pretty much need a new bed each day! You can't argue that they're bored - they go out at least four times a day for decent, stimulating walks and training and they have plenty of things that they're permitted to chew on, such as antlers and bones. Unless I'm somehow missing something, they're happy, contented dogs - they just have penchant for chewing up bedding...

So, please, dear customers and people of the internet, do you hold the answer? If you do, please put me out of my misery. Or simply share your misery so that I don't feel so alone ;-)

Innocent eyes

Well, after chatting to several of you via Facebook, the opinion seems to be split into two camps: the first say that such a thing does in fact not exist (but if I find one, to please let them know!), and the second camp suggest purchasing a crazily expensive bed that is 'apparently' indestructible. I guess if it is indeed indestructible, it may be worth the money, but when you've got several dogs to provide beds for, I'm just not sure I can justify £1000 on dogs' beds... Sorry, pups.


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