TP Feeds Subscription Service

A brand new offering to help ease your mental load. Simply select the products that you need and how often you'd like them delivered, and I'll pop over an invoice a few days before each delivery is expected. Pay your invoice securely via Stripe using your chosen debit or credit card, and your order will be sent on its way!

Personalise your requirements as much as you need! If you only want treats delivered on every other order, or only need cat food with every third order, just let me know.

Cancel or amend your subscription at any time.

Create Your Personalised Subscription

  • Please be aware that if your subscription order is below 6kg, a postage charge of £4.99 is also added.:
  • Date First Delivery Required:

You can also subscribe to a simple monthly delivery of any single recipes with PayPal payment via their individual pages in the online shop.