Which Recipe Is Most Suitable?

All TP Feeds' recipes are fabulous in their own right. For some dogs, you can choose purely based on your budget and they will enjoy and reap the benefits related to that recipe. For others, you need to know which recipe is most likely to suit their individual needs. If you can't find the answer to your circumstances, feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your dog's requirements.

Fussy Dogs

Let's deal with this one first and foremost as it is the most common type of dog that I seem to come across - or so their owners think! Most 'fussy dogs' are simply intelligent dogs that won't eat low quality food - would you consider it fussy if someone refused to eat fast food every day...? I like to think that TP Feeds almost specialises in fussy dogs as I have converted a great many picky eaters and dogs that previously turned their noses up at kibble into dogs that lick their bowls clean every meal time.

You need to head straight to the recipes that contain freshly prepared meat - luckily, all but one of mine does. Since this is a 'fussiness' trait, not a medical complaint or something black and white, it all boils down to offering the food to your dog and seeing what he/she thinks of it - which is where the 1kg taster bags come in very handy! I no longer offer free samples, not only because unfortunately the generosity does get abused by a minority of people, but also because you need a greater amount to really see if your dog will get on with a food and that it will suit them. Alternatively, if you wanted to jump straight in with the recipe that is most likely to make them drool, then plump for TP Feeds Grain Free 80:60:20 Salmon, Trout, Haddock & Herring.

Indiscriminate Dogs

If you can be certain that your dog will eat virtually anything that you put in front of him, you have two choices; either purchase the highest quality recipe that your budget will allow or purchase the Taster Pack Multipack and let your dog decide upon a favourite. If you go for the latter option, remember that rapidly changing your dog's diet can cause stomach upsets in some dogs so carry out your taste tests in a way that will suit your individual dog.

Skin And Digestive Issues

All TP Feeds' recipes are hypoallergenic - i.e. contain no wheat, wheat gluten, dairy, beef, pork or soya, and there are also two fantastic grain free options. Your first step when faced with a dog with skin and/or digestive problems, other than consulting a vet, should be to rule out these known potential allergens.

The best recipes to help prevent and reduce these issues are fish-based - TP Feeds Hypoallergenic Salmon and TP Feeds Grain Free 80:60:20 Salmon, Trout, Haddock & Herring. The freshly prepared fish and salmon oil are highly digestible, help to reduce inflammation and improve skin and coat condition, whilst promoting small, firm stools.

Allergy Issues

If your dog has dietary allergies, then you're in the right place! Unless you have put your dog through the expensive allergy testing or have only noticed an allergic reaction after introducing certain ingredients, it can be difficult to work out exactly what your dog is allergic to. TP Feeds Grain Free Duck is a great option as it rules out most common allergens and duck is classed as a novel meat protein source; i.e. it is highly unusual for a dog to have an allergy to it.

Underweight Dogs

As with all health concerns, it would be wise to visit your vet to ensure there is no underlying issue causing a lack of weight gain or any sudden weight loss - it could potentially even be something as simple as needing to be wormed, so no need to panic just yet. Feeding a nutrient-rich, higher calorie recipe, such as TP Feeds Grain Free 80:60:20, will help.

Ensure your pet is getting sufficient exercise; contrary to what you may believe, increasing exercise can help with maintaining or increasing weight as it helps to fight muscle wastage and can also stimulate the appetite if your dog is reluctant to eat more. When consulting the feeding guide on your chosen recipe, be sure to feed the amount relevant to your dog's optimum weight, not his/her current weight. If you are increasing your dog's meal size, consider also increasing the number of times he/she is fed. This will help to prevent the increased intake causing digestive upset.

Overweight Dogs

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to head straight to the low protein recipes. Your dog needs a high meat recipe to help build lean muscle, and high meat recipes come with high protein levels - highly digestible, 'good' protein. The most ideal recipe is TP Feeds Grain Free 80:60:20 as it is rich in highly digestible protein, whilst being low in carbohydrates and fibre. The 80% salmon, trout, haddock and herring provides high levels of omega 3 fatty acids which can help your dog feel fuller and promote weight loss.

Another action you need to take is to check your dog's portion size. When consulting the feeding guide, remember to use the amount related to your dog's optimum weight, not his/her current weight. Also, remember that this is only a guide and is based upon an active, working dog. If your dog is older, less active and/or neutered, you will need to considerably reduce this amount.

TP Feeds Hypoallergenic Chicken is also worth consideration - the dried chicken is a natural source of L-carnitine which helps to maintain a healthy weight and promote lean muscle development.


I provide two great choices for your youngsters; both suitable from weaning onwards. For many people, the final decision may simply boil down to your available budget. Both are fantastic recipes, both cut out many known potential allergens and both contain joint supplements to support your puppy's growth in these crucial first months.

TP Feeds Hypoallergenic Puppy is made up of 30% dried chicken, alongside 19% rice, and is the smallest kibble available. Whilst this recipe is suitable until approximately 12 months of age, TP Feeds Grain Free 80:60:20 Puppy is exactly the same recipe as the larger adult bag, so there is no need for any dietary change as your dog grows. This grain free recipe is second to none and provides a plethora of health benefits via the wholesome ingredients.


This is an easy choice; TP Feeds offers one fantastic recipe for your adult felines. This recipe was introduced due to high demand as many customers' cats were attacking the dogs' food - particularly the salmon diet! So, TP Feeds Hypoallergenic Salmon for Cats arrived; providing a super tasty, healthy recipe that cats just can't seem to get enough of.