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How Much Does It Cost To Feed My Dog?

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Price per Meal Comparison Chart

It is safe to say that, on average, people underestimate how long a bag of dog food will last and overestimate how much it costs to feed their dog each meal. Also, people tend to compare the price of a range of feeds or brands based purely on the final price, sometimes not even on the price per kg, never mind the price per meal. What many people forget to factor into their equations is that whilst a higher quality food may come with a higher price tag, it is also likely that you will need to feed less of the food to your dog as the nutrient level is far higher. Therefore, the bag lasts longer and the price per meal comes down. Here I'll talk you through TP Feeds' range of recipes and how the prices break down.

First off, and I'll keep saying it until I'm blue in the face, feeding guides are exactly that; a guide. The amount that suits your particular dog may vary, based on many factors including age, temperament, exercise regime or even whether they're neutered or not. Common sense has to come into play when deciding on an amount for your dog - start off based on the feeding guide then alter if necessary, either if you feel your dog needs a little more or, equally, if he/she needs a little less. Also, don't be afraid to alter the amount depending on the time of year, if you've taken time off work and are now exercising your dog more often or if they're injured and therefore aren't as mobile.

Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent! Right, so for the sake of these comparisons (as there are many possible permutations and I'd be here all week talking through them all!), the puppy feed amount and price is for feeding a three-month-old puppy based on the final maximum weight of that puppy and that puppy is being fed three times a day. The adult dogs in these examples are being fed twice a day.

Grams per Day Table
Days per 12kg Bag
As you can see from the table above, for a toy/small breed dog, a 12kg bag could last two to three months! Even for the largest dogs, a bag will usually last nearly a month. All of a sudden, once you realise how infrequently you'll need to buy a bag, that price tag isn't looking quite so daunting, is it?

Price Per Meal Table

Now, this is where people really get surprised. Not only can you feed your 15kg adult dog (eg English cocker spaniel) for just 35p per meal, but you can also upgrade his/her meals to the Hypoallergenic Salmon for a mere penny extra! (And that's not to mention the extra benefits if you purchase using a multi-buy discount).

So, next time you're assessing whether or not a food is out of your price range, try to assess the whole product. How much less will your dog require per meal? How often will you have to buy a fresh bag?


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