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  1. Dalmation licking his lips 

    Now this is a question that I am often asked - 'Which of TP Feeds' dog food recipes will be most suitable for my dog?' Of course, the answer varies widely depending on the age, size, energy level and individual quirks of that dog. Although, the most common complaint I seem to get these days is, 'Oh, my dog is so fussy with his/her food.' Now, I'm not going to get into the intricacies of these supposedly fussy dogs and what can be done to avoid this issue here, but I will tell you which of TP Feeds' dog kibbles would be the most tempting for such dogs below.

  2. Eira waiting to get started

    I had the thought today that some of you may enjoy reading about the progress of the two youngest reprobates here - Frodo and Eira. For those of you that follow the TP Feeds Facebook page, you are likely to be familiar with this brother and sister double act. Having been born last Christmas Eve, they joined me at the beginning of this year, at eight weeks old. Here is their story so far.